Music for us is a Life Style Not a Sales point

As Musicians, we know what you want, we don’t just sell stuff to Musicians, we want you to get the Best thing that fits your need, It doesn’t matter how much we sell, we want to create a Culture for Musicians, a Standard for all to be able to come and enjoy making Music, our Staff is ready 24/7 to answer all your questions. OneRoofStore was founded out of need for musicians to find an easy way to shop for what they need, to find answers and guidance, to find a community with the same background to discuss and share experiences, OneRoofStore was founded for Musicians and by Musicians.


OneRoof is not just a Name

OneRoofStore is not just a Name it’s a Philosophy, A Principle, Our Values, Our Mission is to
 bring you all your Musical and Professional Audio Equipment under OneRoof, under Our Roof you’ll find everything you need, not just products but services as well.


Our Values ,The Customer is Number 1, Our mission is your satisfaction ,whether you need guidance , support ,service anything you just name it we are there for you , we want to offer you the best product/service that fits your needs , Your Success is our Success


 Why OneRoofStore

OneRoofStore is the First and Only online Retail Store specialized in Musical Instruments and Professional Audio equipment, There is none like us, with our professional team and Top Musicians backing us with Knowledge , you’ll always come to us for new products , new Tips and Definitely New Services and Offers