1. Microphone Polar Patterns


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  2. Guide to Audio Cables

    Learn more about the infrastructure of sound system you need, Cables and everything that comes with it.

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  3. Best Guitar Audio Interfaces

    If you want to take your Guitar recording to the next level, You need to check ad consider the following Audio Interfaces,  You’ll find a variety of models in all price range

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  4. ابدء استديو من بيتك

    مين قال انك محتاج فلوس كتير إنك تبدأ استديو خاص بيك و تحترف فى مجال ال Music Production ؟


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  5. ميدي كونترولر

    ى البوست ده هنتكلم على الـ MIDI Keyboard
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  6. SSL2 vs SSL2+

    Get to know the new Audio Interfaces from Solid State Logic , The SSL2 and SSL2+

     Solid State Logic تعرف علي الكروت الصوت الجديده من شركة 

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