sE Electronics X1 A Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

sE Electronics X1 A Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Townsend Sphere L22

Townsend Sphere L22

M-Audio Bx5 D3

M-Audio Bx5 D3

sE Electronics X1 A Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

2/3" Permanently-Biased Condenser , Cardioid , switchable attenuation

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The X1 A: It could be your first mic, but it's one you'll want to keep forever.

There's a new entry point to sE's acclaimed X1 Series, and it's breaking the performance barrier (again) for every mic in its class.

When it was introduced in 2011, the X1 brought a new level of quality to its price point, competing easily with microphones costing several times as much. But that didn't stop sE from trying to outdo themselves again.

With a newly-developed condenser capsule and an exterior based on the rugged metal chassis of the X1, the X1 A offers first-class sound & specifications at an even better "home studio" cost, featuring an extremely natural frequency response, massive SPL-handling capabilities (150dB!), switchable attenuation and low-cut filters, and a perfectly balanced sensitivity level - so it's at home on absolutely any source.

From vocals to acoustic instruments to electric guitars or percussion, the X1 A is the perfect choice for any musician seeking a high-quality microphone with an entry-level price tag.


Unlike the cheaply constructed bodies of some other "entry-level" microphones, the X1 A's all-metal chassis provides efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise - and the high-quality finish ensures a great look for years to come.


Eliminates the need for an external pop filter, and provides an extra layer of safety and security for the all-important capsule. 


The X1 A's new condenser capsule design is a work of art, delivering stellar sonic performance on any source with incredible speed, accuracy, and well-balanced frequency response.

The electronics have also undergone a complete overhaul, and exhibit better specifications and sound - on and off the test bench - than any other microphone in its class.


The -20 dB pad switch on the left provides extended dynamic range, enabling a wide range of applications and close-mic techniques for even the loudest instruments...think super-heavy electric guitars, fortissimo brass instruments, and heavy-footed kick drums.

On the right, the 100 Hz low-cut switch helps eliminate low-frequency rumble or footfall noise, and compensates for excessive bass with close-mic techniques (proximity effect).



Ensures loss-free, reliable signal connection for years and years and years and...

X1 A clip

The X1 A comes complete with a rock-solid, newly designed swivel mic clip and thread adapter to fit with any mic stand.

If you need additional rumble control, the X1 A integrates perfectly with sE's Isolation Pack, as well as the Reflexion Filter X - recommended for an instant pro vocal recording setup for your home studio.

More Information
Polar PatternCardioid
Capsule2/3" Permanently-Biased Condenser
Sensitivity20 mV/Pa (-34 dB)
Frequency Range20 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance<50 Ohms
Max SPL130 / 150 dB (0 / 20 dB pad, (0.5% THD @ 1kHz)
Equivalent noise level (IEC 60268-4)16 dB(A)
Signal/noise ratio (A-weighted) 78 dB(A)
Preattenuation pad20 dB, switchable
Bass filter100 Hz, 6 dB/oct, switchable
Recommended load impedance>1K Ohms
Powering48V phantom according to IEC 61938
Connector3-pin male XLR
Net weight390 g / 13.8 oz
DimensionsLength 169 mm (6.65 in.) Diameter: 58 mm (2.28 in.)
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